What To Do When You’re Locked Out

Don’t know what to do when you’re locked out? You’re not alone – it happens to everyone. Let’s call a spade a spade, getting locked out of your home is no walk in the park. It always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time and can even pose as a security threat if there is nobody around to help.

It’s always worth remembering that you do have options in such situations. And keeping a cool, level-head can greatly impact how the situation is dealt with. All Keys Locksmith Services has come up with some advice for you to consider, should you become locked out and end up in a situation where you’re not exactly sure what to do first.

Firstly, Don’t Panic!

Yes, we really do know that a lockout is far from ideal and our initial, immediate reaction to this is to panic or become highly stressed out. This type of reaction won’t do anything to alleviate you’re lockout, though, so it’s best to try and keep calm. We tend to be able to think more clearly when our minds are less clouded with stress, giving you more possibility to figure out the best move to make.

Make A Mental List Of Who Has A Spare Key

It’s possible that you have entrusted a family member, friend or neighbor with a spare key to your place. Have a think back. Did you ask someone to keep a copy for you? It’s hard to always remember exactly at times like this (see above!) but, it’s possible you did. If you did, and can get a hold of the spare key, problem solved! If not, keep reading…

Check To See If There’s Another Way Of Getting In

Be very careful here. We’re not suggesting that you attempt to ‘break in’ to you’re own house. But, rather, double check that you haven’t left a back door unlocked or a large, accessible window open. Once again, do NOT attempt to gain forced entry yourself as this can be quite dangerous and sometimes result in injury.

From time to time, though, we may have accidentally left a second door unlocked or a ground floor window open. It’s always worth checking, as this may prevent you from having to move on to the next step…

You Guessed It. Call A Locksmith!

While the above points are all very well and good, they are often a bit of a shot in the dark. Most of the time, during a lockout, you will have to call a locksmith to assist you and get you back inside again. It’s extremely important, however, to choose a locksmith that knows what to do when you’re locked out.

As we previously mentioned, lockouts can occur at anytime. Double check that the locksmith service you decide on operate around-the-clock. It’s pretty useless to you if a company has great reviews and know what they’re doing but are unable to come out to you at 2 AM when you need it.

Secondly, make sure they offer a mobile service, meaning, they can come out to YOUR specific location to get you back inside again. Having a storefront service isn’t really any use to you in this situation (unless you’re house is on wheels, that is). An expert mobile locksmith service will be readily prepared for such situations, including having all of the tools and parts they need to get you back inside again.

Lastly, always check their credentials. If the company is insured, it’s always a safer choice and is usually a sign that the company are more trustworthy and reputable.

All Keys Locksmith Services provides mobile emergency locksmith services to everyone in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. We are fully licensed and insured, and can make it out your location with our entirely mobile, equipped service, whenever you need it!