What To Do If Your Kid Locked Inside Your Car

What To Do If You Locked Your Kid Inside Your Car?


Being a parent can be quite tiring, to say it lightly. Everything happens at the same time! We want to work, provide the best for our children financially without depriving them of their childhood and time spent with parents. But, sometimes, just sometimes life becomes a bit too hectic and we might just end up locking our kids inside the car. DON’T PANIC! I know things might seem as if they’re out your control but luckily, we have some tips on what to do if you have locked your kid inside your car. 

1. Keep Calm

Woman locked out of car

Although this might seem like an ironic tip when you’re in such turmoil, remember if you stay calm your kid will be a lot less agitated as well. Your kid won’t be stuck in the car for too long and you panicking will more likely stress them more than necessary. Being stressed can cloud your judgment and make it more difficult to make an appropriate decision. So, before trying to make a decision, just calm down and try to think clearly

2. Give Yourself A Break

Another part of keeping calm is making sure you don’t beat yourself up for such mistakes. Mistakes happen, you’re not the first parent to have locked your child in their car. Such instances are quite common and nothing to fear. This has nothing to do with your parenting skills or your dependability, sometimes things just get out of hand. 

3. Don’t Try To Break Into Your Car

It might be tempting to just try to break into the car but this in most cases, doing so causes more harm than good. This can further damage the locks if you try to tamper with it, and it could also potentially scare the child. So to avoid further headaches, just try to NOT break into your car yourself.

4. Block Sunlight

Depending on the situation, the lockout can be quick or it might take some time, so for this reason, try to block the sunlight so the car doesn’t get too overheated inside. If you have access to any towels or blankets, try to cover the car with them in order to try keeping the car as cool as possible.

5. Have a Professional Locksmith On Speed dial 

unlocking a car

unlocking a car

The most important tip of all is to have an expert locksmith on hand. A good locksmith will be with you almost instantly and will assist you in a car lockout without doing any further damage or stressing the kid out. Therefore call your trusted locksmith, or search for the top-reviewed locksmiths in your area. 

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