Moving? It’s Time To Rekey!

Maximize Security At Your New Home or Commercial Space

Millions of Americans will move their families into a new home or their business into a new commercial space this year. If you are one of those Americans, it’s important to protect yourself, your family, your property, and/or your employees & customers as best you can. Are you moving? It’s time to rekey. Read further to find out why and how. 

Moving is always stressful, and the larger the scale of the move, the more stress it causes. If burglars are aware that you are moving, it can make you an easy target for those who would take advantage of the chaos caused by moving. Addressing the lock security is a top concern, especially if you are moving into a previously owned home or space. We encourage you to follow the following steps to ensure a safe transition:


The first thing to do with your locks when you move is to have them rekeyed (if you are not planning to change them entirely.) You can’t ever be 100% sure who might still have a key to the old lock that they can use to get into your home or building. Rekeying is a quick, inexpensive procedure that all professional locksmiths should be able to complete, and it will go far towards ensuring that only the people you want to have access, have it. 


If you are planning to change your locks, take advantage of the move and use it as an opportunity to upgrade to high security (meaning Grade 1) locks. These locks are produced by all the leading lock manufacturers (Schlage, Kwikset, Medeco, etc…) and come with keys that have additional cuts that make the lock hard to manipulate. Also, they’re virtually impossible to duplicate unless you have authorization from the key maker. For example, locksmiths will have to be authorized to duplicate these keys and key holders will have some kind of identification that identifies them as such. 


This is especially important for business owners. If you’re running or managing a business or commercial space that has multiple entry points, it’s a good idea to install a door alarm. You may also want to consider installing cameras. Your employees won’t be able to always keep track of everyone entering the building (especially if you’re operating a storefront) so you’ll need the extra eyes provided by security cameras.

Protect Your Investment With All Keys Locksmith Services

Moving into a new home or commercial space in Los Angeles? So are you Moving? It’s time to rekey. Then consider contacting All Keys to help with your lock rekeying, installation, repairs, or replacements. We offer all of these services to both residential and commercial clients, 24/7. Call today!