Money-Saving Tips From A Locksmith

Constantly having to repair your locks or having to find assistance with a lockout can add up to a sum. We know that spending such an amount frequently is not desirable and can get annoying. Expert locksmiths from All Keys Locksmith Services came up with ways to avoid such strains on your wallet. Some of these tips might seem elementary once read but sometimes we just need to refresh our knowledge. Here are some money-saving tips from a locksmith! 

Keep a Spare Key

Although this tip might seem almost comical, it is necessary to reiterate. One of the most expensive locksmith services is car key replacement. Having to replace a car key without an existing one is difficult as there have to be made for your specific locks. Moreover, new car models and their keys come with a transponder chip or only come in a FOB. Such services get pricey, especially if your car requires programming of a new key.

To avoid such costs, one of the best money-saving tip would be to keep a car key duplicate at home. If you do end up losing your car keys, then you can easily go to a locksmith or request locksmith assistance on the spot for key duplication. Key duplications are far less expensive and easier to do.

Rekey instead of Changing Locks

If you need to change a lock — depending on the level of lock security can get pricey. This is especially true for higher security level locks with elaborate mechanisms. One easy way to save money is to buy your own material before having someone change it for you. If you know exactly what type of lock you are looking for then, you can buy it for cheaper from a wholesaler. Hiring a locksmith with already owned locks will be that much cheaper.

An even better way to save money on locks is to get rekey services rather than changing the lock itself. This is where a locksmith uses an existing lock and manipulates the pins inside to fit a new key. This is especially handy for new homeowners; it’s cheap and secure. 

Saving on Surveillance 

Getting a home security system can be expensive, especially with the monthly subscription packing on. One way to do it is to order some DIY home security systems from AliExpress. They are not the easiest to set up initially but the price point is most definitely worth it. 

If that seems too much for you, then another cheeky suggestion would be to trick the thieves. This can be done by simply hanging a surveillance sign as a decoy to scare off any trespassers. 

If you do need services but also want to save on money, then get in touch with All Keys Locksmith Services. We provide competitive pricing, as we believe high-quality service should not cost you a fortune. Get in touch with us today at (213) 460-1994