Lock Installation Tips

What To Consider When You’re Thinking of a…

Lock Installation Service

So you’ve decided you need fresh installation service, at home or your place of work. While a fairly straight forward job, there are still some things you may want to consider before going ahead with your fresh installation.

All Keys Locksmith Services has come up with the following information to assist you when trying to make a decision in relation to this.

First Things First, Where Do You Want Your Locks

The type of door or lockable device that you want to add a fresh installation onto will play a big part on the type of lock you will be able to have installed. If it is a door, say, at your workplace, you may well want to have an electronic lock installed so people are able to use a code to gain entry, as opposed to your standard lock-and-key type lock that you may consider installing at home.

Think About the Type Of Security You Want

Your security requirements may vary, once again, depending on where you are thinking of installing your fresh installation. For example, if you want a fresh installation on your bedroom door, the chances are you’d be considering a very different type of lock to that on the front door of your business. (see information below about the different types of locks available). So, consider the level of security you are seeking first – it’s always best to have an idea of the type of service you want before you engage with a locksmith service!

Consider the Availability Of The Locksmith Service You Choose

It’s always worthwhile researching the opening hours of the locksmith provider you choose. Many operate during office hours only, which is not particularly useful if your only spare time is in the evening or at a weekend. There are, however, mobile locksmith service that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (like All Keys, as an example) – so the time of day or night that you require a fresh installation needn’t be an issue.

Do Your Research On Prices

Your lock installation service should not bankrupt you! Sure, some lock solutions can be pricey due to the complexity of the lock itself. But there are some locksmith companies that charge over and above the normal rate. Try to pick a locksmith that offers you a free quote. That way, you’re under no obligation to go through with your lock installation service. Should the price not be within a range that  you deem to be reasonable.

So, now you have taken into account the things you may want to think about before you engage with a locksmith service. Here is an idea of the types of lock you ca have installed:

Mortise Locks – This lock requires a pocket to be cut into the door, creating a high level of security.

Padlocks – While they sound like something you can pick up from a local store, they can secure a lot more than you think!

Deadbolt – A highly secure type of lock designed for heavy-duty doors.

Push-Bars – These are the push-down-to-release type locks that you can use on emergency exits.

Follow our lock installation tips and your locks will be durable!

For a residential or commercial lock installation service in the Los Angeles area, All Keys Locksmith Services has you covered!