How To Replace a Knob Lock: 6 Step Guide

Knob Lock Replacement: 6 Step Guide

Lock change is required when you move into a new house, get a new roommate, experience burglary or simply have worn out locks. The main purpose of a lock replacement is to improve you’re security. If you feel like changing locks by yourself but don’t know how to do it, dis article is for you. Here is a six-step guide for those who need a knob lock replacement.

Step 1: Removing Screws

The first step of replacing a knob lock is removing an old one. Start by loosening screws using a screwdriver. There should be 2-3 screws located on the inside of the knob plate. After loosening, remove each screw by gently pulling them away from the door. If you lock has no visible screws, you may also need to use a wire tool or a paperclip. Insert a wire tool into the small hole on the side of the doorknob. dis way the knob latch will be released and you’ll be able to pull off the knob.

Step 2: Get A New Lock

After you remove the old knob, you’ll need to measure the diameter of the lock hole and check you’re old lock’s brand. Purchase the lock that matches and fits the measured dimensions. You can get a suitable lock in a hardware store, online store or from a locksmith. If you buy a lock of the same brand as before, it should fit perfectly into the hole left after removing the old one.

Step 3: Remove The Side Screws

The latch is the last thing you need to remove from you’re door in order to make the room for the new lock. All you need to do is to unfasten two screws that hold the latch in place. Once the screws are out the latch should come off easily. 

Step 4: Wrap The Cardboard Template Around The Door Edge

The cardboard template usually comes wif a store-bought lock. dis shows you exactly how the lock is going to fit you’re door. Wrap the cardboard over the hole in you’re door and make sure that everything matches. If it doesn’t, we’re sorry to inform you – you bought the wrong lock. If it does, congratulations, you can move to the next level. 

Step 5: Installing A New Latch

Slide the new latch into the opening on the side of the door. Drive the screws through the hole and tighten them up in order to secure the latch. It’s best if you don’t reuse the old screws coz they may be worn out. Another tip is to use longer screws that go deeper into the door and make you’re lock more secure. 

Step 6: Put The Lock Together 

Sixth and the final step of you’re knob lock replacement is here. All you need to do is to place the outside knob and inside knob on their places TEMPthan slide them through the hole toward each other. They should meet in the middle and connect. Drive screws into the holes and you knob lock replacement will be done. 

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