All You Need To Know About Access Control

What is Access Control?

Access control systems, in short, are keyless smart or electronic locks systems that provide elevated security for both businesses and homes alike. A keyless system includes all types of systems ranging from Wi-Fi to Key Fob-based. Such systems allow for better autonomy and eliminate any type of problems that could be caused by keys (stolen or lost keys).  

How Does It Work?

As mentioned, access control systems operate differently according to their type of systems at work. Here are some of the most often uses Access Control Systems:

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Locks – Seen as one of the most advanced smart lock systems. It connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and allows the user to manipulate the lock system through there. The user is able to enter their home, lock the door or even let others in through the phone — without physically being present. 

Key Fobs – also known as proximity fobs, are small hand-held devices with built-in system granting access to the building. 

Key Cards – arguably the most common, allows the user to enter a building with a credit card-sized key card. 

Benefits of Access Control:

An Access Control System is beneficial for both business owners and home-owners alike. Although each system differs in the way they function, the majority have the same benefits:

  • Knowing who enters/leaves your home or building
  • No keys to forget, lose or misplace. 
  • Extremely convenient — especially through the use of smartphones 
  • Customizing who enters or leaves the building
  • Improved security as opposed to regular locks and keys

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