8 Tricks Burglars Use to Penetrate Your Security

Every home and business owner is worried about burglars. And for good reason. With property crime on the rise, the security of your home or commercial space is at the forefront of your mind. If you want to thwart the attempts of burglars to get in, you have to think as they do. That’s why we’ve written this post: to make you aware of the 10 most common tricks burglars use to bypass your security and break into your home.

1. They Focus on Your Locks

The first trick in any burglar’s arsenal is bypassing locks. No matter what place or objects they’re targeting, most burglars will start by assessing your locks and doors. After all, the easiest way in is through the front door, right? Many of the techniques they use are actually techniques that locksmiths employ in their line of work. 

Most burglars will focus on bypassing the lock because it draws less attention, but they do occasionally break a lock as well. They bypass your locks by picking, bumping, or snapping them, among other things. However, they don’t want to jeopardize their mission by spending too long in front of a lock. By purchasing Grade 1, pick-proof locks, you can stop burglars often before they even begin.

2. They Target Windows 

Windows are also great entry points to your home, and even though most are protected with locks, they tend to be weaker and less secure than your front door locks. Many property owners forget that their windows need adequate security. And if there are trees or shrubbery in front of your windows, you give them further cover to climb into your home. Keep the line of vision to your windows clear, buy secure locks for your windows, and you’ll be one step closer to ensuring burglars can’t use them to enter your property.

3. They Stake Out Your Property

Because it’s getting harder to easily bypass window and door locks, many burglars know they have to play the long game. Stakeouts are a trick they use to exploit homeowners, businesses, and vehicles as well. When they stake out your property, they watch the way you interact with it, looking for vulnerabilities and windows where they might insert themselves. 

4. They Pretend to be Someone Else

One tricky way to get information about someone’s property is to call them and pretend to represent a business or government agency. For instance, a potential burglar might call you up and pose as a sales agent in order to get information about your home and family routine. Even the tiniest bit of information can give them an advantage. Always verify who is at the end of the phone line; and if you can’t, be wary of sharing your information with anyone. 

5. They Solicit Door-to-Door 

Door-to-door solicitation works like over-the-phone identity fraud and is often used in conjunction with stakeouts. The important thing to remember is that burglars use these methods to gather information on your property and movements. So it may happen that a burglar shows up at your door, posing as an insurance agent or salesman pushing alarm systems. 

6. They Use Metal Detectors

Metal detectors can be helpful for a burglar both outside and inside your home. They may use one to try to locate your hidden spare house key. Alternatively, once inside, they may use it to detect quickly find metal jewelry or other valuables that have been stashed away. 

7. They Go Through Your Garage

While many burglars will focus on your front/back door and windows, the garage is actually a popular point of focus too. Property owners don’t adequately secure all possible entry points to their home, often by way of installing the wrong locks in the wrong place. Garages are likely to have less secure locks than your doors. Furthermore, many people use their garage as a storage place, leaving valuables outside the safety of their home interior.

8. They Monitor Your Social Media

Now, this is where it gets really creepy. Even with the majority of people on social media these days, not everyone is aware of all the ways in which it leaves them vulnerable to criminals. Without the proper security settings engaged, it becomes very easy for a burglar to find you and stalk you online. They might watch you Facebook profile to see when your home is vacant or what new item you’ve purchased for your home (such as fancy televisions or brand new smart gadgets.) We recommend setting your profile to private and never posting while on vacation (wait until you’re back.) Also, avoid posting photos of new, expensive items. 

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