3 Security Measures To Take Before Moving Into A New House

Moving into a new house is indeed very stressful, however, it is very exciting. A new home means a new life, new experiences, and new people. We know that you are looking forward to throwing a housewarming party to get to know your neighbors but there are some things you need to consider beforehand. You need to prioritize your security. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! In this blog, you’ll find out about 3 security measures you need to take before moving into a new house. 

Get New Locks

If your new home is not newly built, then chances are that the previous owner had the existing locks for several years. Excessive use usually loosens locks, they get worn out and therefore, they are not optimal for your securing the doors. Keep in mind that the old locks are always the burglars’ favorite because it’s extremely easy to tear them down. That’s why you need to replace the old locks before you move into a new house. Make sure to purchase high-security locks. Another trick, to make your locks more secure is to replace its screws with the longer ones. Make them more than 4 inches. The thing is that locks that are fixed with long screws are so much harder for burglars to take apart. 

No Replacement Needed? Rekey! 

Say, your new home already has new locks that are of great quality. Sorry to disappoint you, but it still doesn’t mean that they provide high quality. If the locks are not installed by you, you never know who else has the key. To keep track of your house keys you need to rekey your locks. Lock rekeying is not as complicated as it may sound! It takes about 10-15 minutes is can be done by a local locksmith. It is generally a really affordable service so you won’t have to spend a lot. 

Entrance Monitoring

This section includes a suggestion about setting up a security camera system, but don’t freak out! What we’re about to recommend is not going to be as costly as you may think. Ideally, security camera systems require at least one camera in each room, plus outdoor cameras. But it is not very affordable and we know that moving into a new home is already costing you a lot. We want to suggest a security camera system on the budget. This includes purchasing as many security cameras as many entrances you have. The research shows, that when your front door is monitored by a security camera, burglars are less likely to break-in because they know that they are being recorded. So you’ll be able to elevate your security with just a couple of security cameras.

The 3 security measures we talked about above are not the only things you can do to elevate your security, however, they provide a good start. We hope that your new life in a new home will be happy and secure! 

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